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Parties, Corporate & Special Events

Stag & Hen, Birthdays & Celebrations, Team Building, Work Socials, Carnivals, Fairs and Fetes.

Whatever the occasion, why not try a new, up and coming activity that will have everyone fuelled with adrenaline in minutes. All you need is a suitable site.

There are a variety of options available including:

  • Water Walker
  • Hamster Ball Run
  • Gladiator Duel Arena
  • Bumper Balls

We endeavour to meet your requirements as best we can. Contact Us for further details.


As we tailor your experience to you needs, please contact us for a quote.

Payment Options

  • Option 1: Full payment
    • This method will require you to pay a set fee for the use of our equipment and is inclusive of all staff, machinery and fuel costs for the entire event. This fee will depend on which activities you would like and is different for different circumstances where fuel, man hours and level of business will all have to be taken into account.
  • Option 2 : Part payment
    • This option involves us charging a fee which contributes towards expenses until expenses have been covered, whereby the takings are then split at an agreed rate between the organisers and ourselves.
  • Option 3 : No payment
    • This method of payment requires no upfront payment from you; we turn up, set up and charge the customers a fee per ride. If the event is a success then a sum will usually be donated to the organisers, from Mobile Zorbing Wales.

Water Walker

Team Building

Hamster Ball Run

Gladiator Duel Arena


Bumper Balls

Multiple Activities